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Business Excellence series

A high-performing team achieves more than individuals can alone, resulting in more efficient, thoughtful and effective outcomes.

Individual employees benefit too, with mutual support, respect for the strengths of others, and a greater sense of team accomplishment. Growing the skills of your employees is key to business success in an increasingly competitive market. High-performing teams must be able to embrace and take control of change, developing and maintaining processes that are sustainable, efficient and effective. They need to be outcome and future focused, delivering the results you want.

The Capable Training suite of business excellence workshops provides a total solution, helping you reach the next level of performance with teams equipped to drive the future success of your organisation. Here is a selection of business excellence workshops that we have delivered for existing clients, but if you can;t find something that meets your specific needs below, contact us to discuss your requirements and it's likely we can develop or source a solution for you.


Business transformation and change management
Business transformation and change is about making fundamental changes in how business is conducted in order to help cope with the ever changing modern work environment. The need for business transformation may be caused by external changes in the market such as an organisation's products or services being out of date, funding or income streams being changed, new regulations coming into force affecting transformation and change, and the crucial role leaders and managers play in the change process. Workshop outcomes:

  • Identify the forces that drive business transformation and change
  • Explore what it means to be a change agent in an organisation
  • Discuss issues associated with articulating a vision of organisational change
  • Analyse the practical aspects of implementing change.


Lean process development
The purpose of this workshop series is to introduce core concepts for enabling process improvement throughout an organisation. Aligned with key messaging from your organisation this framework will provide a common language and understanding to help nurture a culture of continuous process improvement based on recognised Lean principles. This workshop aims to familiarise you with the components of a Lean toolbox, as well as an understanding and appreciation of the role of Lean thinking in service organisations. We also explore the vital role of leadership in Lean opportunities and interventions. Workshop outcomes:

  • Determination of specific Lean opportunities in your leadership and operational environments, a small-team real-world exercise
  • A personal or work-team Lean implementation plan
  • Confidence in the direction and application of Lean tools
  • An appreciation of the resource implications of Lean interventions.


As expectations about business responsibility rise, so do the business opportunities for doing things right. This programme is a practical, strategic planning training course that will help you unlock those opportunities. It includes four workshops whee you'll work on your business to find opportunities that align with the growing preference for ethical and sustainable businesses. This course merges professional consultancy, team building and peer learning towards fresh solutions and smart, strategic decision-making. On successful completion of the programme participants will be awarded the Certificate in Sustainable Practice (Level 5). Programme outcomes:

  • Identify how to increase revenue by enhancing value to customers
  • Explore new business opportunities
  • An understanding how to underpin new growth with innovative thinking
  • An awareness of how to build resilience by addressing emergent risks
  • Explore how to improve your internal culture by capitalising on change initiatives.


Team development
This development opportunity provides the foundation to enhance performance and to introduce the complexities of teamwork using the world's most widely used personality profiling tool - the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. There is a focus on key components of development that cultivate high-performing teams. Workshop outcomes:

  • Awareness of personal strengths and areas for development
  • Awareness of interpersonal working style strengths and areas for development
  • An understanding of how natural differences between people affect team performance in the workplace
  • An understanding of the range of challenges that exist within any team
  • An advanced understanding of the work preferences of others.


Time management
This workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to understand and consider strategies for applying the fundamentals of effective time management. Workshop outcomes:

  • Understanding of how to plan and prioritise the most important to least important activities
  • Discuss strategies for delegating effectively
  • Identify methods of communicating what can and can't be achieved within timeframes
  • Explore how to manage expectations of stakeholders
  • An awareness of how available time is used efficiently, the prioritisation of tasks, and how to consistently achieve personal and professional effectiveness.


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Please contact us if you are interested in embarking on a business excellence series for your team, or about any other professional development requirements you may have.