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Achieving your personal 'best' (or Best Self)

Effective interaction with employees, colleagues and (most importantly) your customers is one of the key ingredients for business success. It's a skill often forgotten in the face of technical training requirements, but one that can make or break a profitable and rewarding relationship. Whether you're forming a new business team, reinvigorating your employees, or want to ensure your customers receive the best possible service then this development series is for you.

Emotional intelligence training adds another level of knowledge and skills to help you achieve your personal best in your professional life and personal life: skills that help you improve your resilience, awareness, communication and behaviours. The topics provide a platform for dealing with the challenges and opportunities that we experience in our personal and professional lives, Skill development such as self-awareness, empathy, resilience, delayed gratification, communication, dealing with change, and learning what strengths we "bring to the table" are all part of becoming our "best self".

We recommend anyone undertaking the Emotional Intelligence development series begins with a session on 'self-awareness'. Before we can understand other people's words an actions, we need a greater understanding of our own. This session explores 'you' in your work environment. All of the workshops are delivered at your organisation, and scheduled to a timetable that is convenient for you and your busy team. The format is relaxed, fun and engaging. The series includes:

  • Focusing on strengths
    Each of us have strengths. Yet we may not be aware of them or utilising them to sharpen our performance. This session helps you identify and use them.
  • The power of words
    What you say and hear has a significant effect on your success. This session assists in understanding how words shape relationships and achievements.
  • Dealing with change
    Exploring the dynamics of change will help you manage the chaos that constant or critical change brings; including strategies for successful change.
  • Resilience
    Why do some people seem to cope better in challengingn situations while others fail? This session explores strategies for increasing your resilience.
  • Empathy
    Empathy is more than 'walking in another's shoes'! This session explores ways of caring for others without be overwhelmed by the situations.
  • Reaching the goal
    If you can dream it, you can have it. Start climbing! This session helps you identify what is important to you to achieve; and how to go about achieving it.


Find out more about Capable NZ Emotional Intelligence workshops

Please contact us if you are interested in embarking on an Emotional Intelligence workshop series for your team, or about any other professional development requirements you may have.