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Leadership Development series

One of the biggest challenges facing businesses today is the ability to recruit and nurture top talent. In order to have market-leading products and services, you need the right people to design, develop and deliver them.

There is no limit to the potential of an organisation that recruits good people, raises them up as leaders and continually focuses on their development. Effective leaders need to surround themselves with a team that delivers excellence and people who excel in their area of strength.

The Capable Training suite of professional development services provides a total solution, helping you reach the next level of personal and organisational performance. We start by working closely with you to understand your goals and capability needs, and create a programme that delivers the results you want. And if we don’t have the skills to meet your needs, we’ll help you find someone who can.

Here is a selection of workshops that we have delivered for existing clients, but if you can’t find something that meets your specific needs below, contact us to discuss your requirements and it’s likely we can develop or source a solution for you.


Understanding yourself as a leader
This workshop provides the foundation to enhance performance through a deeper understanding of the role of the leader, and provides invaluable inputs for ongoing leadership and team development. Workshop outcomes:

  • Greater awareness of personal strengths, leadership style strengths and areas for development
  • Understanding of how leadership style impacts on others
  • Appreciation of how natural differences between people impact on team performance

Leadership and management (understanding the differences and value of both)
This workshop focuses on key components that cultivate leadership and management excellence using among other tools one of the world’s most widely used professional development tools the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. Workshop outcomes:

  • Enhanced understanding of leadership and management challenges and differences
  • Brief history of leadership and management theory and practice
  • Understanding of personal leadership and management styles and the styles of others
  • Examining key attributes of high performing teams.

Communication in leadership and management
Your words and actions have a significant effect on your success as a leader. This workshop assists in understanding how the words we use (and the way they are stated) influence relationships and consequently affect achievements. You’ll reflect on current communication strategies and their impact. There’s opportunity to explore and practise new strategies to cultivate an atmosphere of mutual respect, understanding and effective communication; a pre-requisite of top performing organisations. Workshop outcomes:

  • Understand a range of communication strategies
  • Appreciate the impact of current communication strategies
  • Develop and apply new communication strategies
  • Understand the skills required in developing relationships, networking, marketing and sales

Why do some people seem to cope better in challenging situations while others give up? The topic provides a platform for dealing with the challenges and opportunities that we experience in our personal and professional lives. This workshop explores strategies for increasing your resilience as a leader. Workshop outcomes:

  • Understand the components of resilience and what makes people resilient
  • Explore personal resilience and identify areas that increased resilience is needed
  • Identify ways of effective self-management, addressing priority issues and avoiding procrastination
  • Develop a plan of action (with accountabilities) to  increase one’s own resilience based on a stated objective(s)

Conflict Management
Conflict is inevitable for anyone in a leadership role, but the opportunity to see conflict as an opening for critical analysis, deeper understanding and continued improvement is too often overlooked. Exercises around giving instructions, feedback and having difficult conversations reframe workplace conflict. Workshop outcomes:

  • Adopt strategies for dealing with the conflict while cultivating/maintaining workplace relationships
  • Appreciate the impact of criticism on self and others
  • Gain new skills for managing conflict
  • Learn how to give and receive feedback
  • Learn how to constructively manage non-performance
  • Identify what’s important so as to set boundaries that define acceptable and unacceptable behaviour
  • Manage one’s sense of inadequacy and build one’s confidence
  • Appreciate the importance of personal responsibility and owning decisions, actions and mistakes – and learning from them

Supervisory skills
This development series of workshops and online learning materials has been designed to help participants achieve the National Certificate in Business (First Line Management) (Level 4). The programme has been developed to give managers and supervisors the practical experience of achieving performance results through people. The course aims to give people in supervisory roles, the knowledge, skills and confidence to lead and manage others successfully, and to undertake a project within their organisation that hones the knowledge and skills embodied in the course. Programme outcomes:

  • Identifying key workplace organisational principles
  • Implementing a health and safety plan for a workplace
  • Demonstrating and applying knowledge of change management in a business operation
  • Demonstrating knowledge of performance management planning
  • Supervising workplace operations
  • Preparing and reviewing a profit and loss budget
  • Applying a problem-solving model
  • Demonstrating and applying knowledge of team-building skills
  • Determining, sourcing, supporting, and evaluating training and/or development

Emotional intelligence adds another level of knowledge and skills to help you achieve your personal best in your professional life and personal life. Before we can understand other people’s words and actions, we need a greater understanding of our own. This workshop explores ‘you’ in your work environment. Understanding what you ‘bring to the table’ is a part of becoming your “best self”. Workshop outcomes:

  • Develop a greater awareness of your personal strengths and areas for development
  • Acquire insights into how your words and actions influence/impact others
  • Identify areas that you desire to see personal growth in
  • Confront long-held beliefs that are counter-productive to your development
  • Develop personal strategies that address unhelpful thinking
  • Identify future actions towards personal growth

As a tertiary education institution we can also provide recognition for your team’s development through badges/micro-credentials or link to academic credits. Whatever the topic and whatever the tools we start with understanding your goals and capability, and our aim is to become that extra member of the HR team you feel you’ve been missing to take the hassle out of training and development.

"Since the introduction of the MBTI seminars, results have shown quarter-on-quarter improvements in performance, particularly in the key areas of leadership and desire of people to remain with the firm."

Nicki Jeffries, Regional HR Director


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