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Helping you explore the best version of yourself

"Mentored individuals perform better on the job, advance more rapidly within the organisation, and report more job and career satisfaction."

Lillian Eby, Professor of Applied Psychology, University of Georgia


Retaining high performing employees can be a challenge for many businesses today. As business leaders, we all want to offer our team a variety of opportunities to develop and grow. Achieving growth requires a long-term, strategic approach that includes ongoing capability development plans for all employees, and for many, will also include access to regular, expert mentoring. Capable NZ mentors bring insight and experience to inspire your team to think outside of the box and explore new pathways to better job performance.


What does Capable NZ mentoring provide?

Our mentoring specialty is working with new or emerging leaders, helping them to explore the skills and qualities that will define them as future senior leaders in their chosen field. Our mentors have years of experience in their fields of expertise to support your team to unlock their leadership potential. Our mentors engage in regular supervision to ensure professionalism and safety for both parties.

Introductory meeting

The first meeting is free. This allows both your employee and the Capable NZ mentor to confirm they can work productively together. Mentors will discuss ground rules, logistics and what your employee would like to get out of the mentoring relationship. This is all in the context of what goals you want to achieve as the sponsoring business.

Mentoring meetings

Fortnightly meetings (in person and virtual) help your employee explore new concepts, clarify thinking, reflect on challenges, and search for new ideas and understanding. Mentors will work with the employee to explore new ways of thinking and acting with the aim of enhancing performance.


At the end of three months there is an opportunity to take stock of progress, and to decide "where to next" for their ongoing learning and development.

Capable NZ mentors offer a range of expertise in leadership, innovation, business development and marketing, professional development and business excellence.


Find out more about Capable NZ mentoring services

If you think that you, or a member of your team, would benefit from engaging with a Capable NZ mentor then contact us to discuss whether we can find a match to meet your goals.