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Business Case Studies

Connect your staff to your company’s goals and success, give them recognition for their skills and knowledge, and watch their commitment to your business soar!

Capable NZ’s professional training and development through Independent Learning Pathways (ILP), and Work-based Learning (WBL) have helped many organisations bring out the best in their staff.

  • Real Journeys

    Real Journeys is one of New Zealand’s leading tourism operators, and they’ve been sharing the natural heritage and beauty of South Island and Stewart Island for more than 60 years. With humble beginnings as a family business they’re dedicated to the conservation of our unique environment, and sharing that with visitors from around the world. The culture of caring is demonstrated in the service they offer visitors and the support they give staff. It’s this commitment to enabling staff to be the best they can that was the starting point for their partnership with Otago Polytechnic’s Capable Training team.

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  • NZ Ski

    When James Coddington first joined NZSki as CEO, he says there was a sweepstake as to how long he would last. However, James had a vision and soon proved he was there to stay. As a Queenstown resident, he had experienced NZSki service first-hand before joining the company. “There was no engagement,” he explains. “I felt that the needs of the customer – whether I was renting skis or taking the chair-lift – were secondary.”

    Seven years on, NZSki makes a far different impression on its customers. James has implemented a number of changes, but one of the most far-reaching was his decision to invest time and money into staff development and training – creating a company culture where staff felt valued and part of something greater than themselves. Capable NZ played a key role in helping NZSki get the best out of its employees.

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