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Bachelor of Social Services

Working full time while supporting my family and community, I couldn't take 3 years out to study. With Capable NZ I kept working and completed my degree in 12 months using the skills and experience I had.

Angelina Kiore, Bachelor of Social Services

Are you a skilled professional working in New Zealand’s social services?

If you have gained a solid foundation in your field but would like to specialise, or want to have your years of hard-work recognised by a qualification, Capable NZ can help you gain a Bachelor of Social Services. This qualification includes specialities in Counselling, Career Practice and Social Services.

How can CAPABLE NZ help you get a Bachelor of Social Services?

There are two pathways for experienced adults to gain a Bachelor of Social Services. These are Independent Learning Pathways (ILP) and Work-based Learning (WBL). Generally, the more experienced you are in your field, the more likely it is that ILP will be the most direct route to your desired qualification. However, if there are any gaps in your knowledge and skills, then WBL (or a mixture of both pathways) may be the best option. We will identify the right pathway for you during the initial assessment of your background and application.

Want to know more about the Bachelor of Social Services?

Read more details about the Bachelor of Social Services on the Otago Polytechnic website, including information about entry requirements, programme structure and fees.


Want to find out more about the diplomas that can help you build up to a Bachelor of Social Services? Read the course prescriptions below to learn more about these qualifications.

Certificate in Health (Level 4)

Don’t have the required academic qualifications to enter a degree or diploma-level healthcare programme? No problem! Use this Certificate as a bridging option to prepare you for more advanced study. Compulsory block courses are required for those studying online.


Certificate in Human Services (Level 4) (Specialty)

Gain valuable experience during a fieldwork placement and become equipped with the knowledge, skills and values required to work in social services in New Zealand and overseas. Online course delivery is available by negotiation. This programme includes the following national awards: National Certificate in Mental Health and Addiction Support (Level 4), National Certificate in Community Support Services (Disability Information Provision) (Level 4), and the National Certificate in Social Services (Level 4).